Does this sound familiar to you?

Have you seen a very expensive project, in both human and physical resources (hardware, licences), that after several months, and in some cases years, collects an incredible amount of data but still struggles to deliver meaningful analytical reports for your organisation’s decision making? Or ingesting a lot of data that was really never used?

Data warehouse projects are one of the most expensive endeavours for your organisation, and despite it also being one of the most visible initiatives, DW projects are very likely to fail in one or more of the 3 key project indicators: Scope, Cost, or Time.

Does this sound familiar to you?
right technology for your organisation

Can the new technology help you?

Yes, but be careful as just the technology will not get you through the finish line. Like any other project, specific business objectives documented by a set of clear requirements are the starting point. Then a detailed solution approach indicating process and technology will complement the scope of your data project.

The good news is that if you have a qualified team working for your organisation the technology available today will allow your team to deliver business value faster and at a fraction of the cost of the in-house data warehouse solutions we all saw in the past.

At Francioni we have Data Architects and Data Engineers with experience in the right technology for your organisation.

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