What are Containers?

Containers can be simply explained as a mechanism for your software application to run on any environment. A container packages up code and all its dependencies so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another. These characteristics made containers very successful on cloud migration projects because they make it simpler and faster to migrate legacy code without the need to rewrite your application.

What are Microservices?

The microservices architecture introduces an approach to build an application as a set of small services. The more traditional applications have monolithic architectures where all your application’s components and functions are in a single instance; the microservice approach will break apart monolithic applications into smaller parts.

What is the best solution?

This is where our solution architects can help your organisation. If your organisation is planning to migrate an application to the cloud or build a brand new application, it is key for the success of your project objectives to assess and consider what is the best architecture for your application.

Deciding between serverless applications or containerised microservices using Kubernetes, for example, is an important step of your solution design.


How can we help?

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