Automation testing is the process of testing software and applications where the test steps will not be executed by a human. Companies will still need testing resources, but they will write code for automation scripts instead of executing them manually.

Automation testing resources are more expensive because they are developers and in much smaller quantities than manual testers.

Not every test needs to be automated – if you have a product that will have a short life and will not change, it might be cheaper to run a one off manual testing. But who can do this assessment and help your decision?

For most use cases automation testing will have several benefits over manual testing but it is important that it is part of your project strategy.

Automation testing…

  • is cheaper than manual testing because the tests can be executed over and over again automatically
  • needs to be planned – otherwise it is not there when you need it
  • requires skilled testers – because you need quality code to ensure the quality of your code.
  • reduces the time to market – when you plan it and execute timely in your project with the right resources.
Automation Testing
When the mindset from your testing team changes from a team responsible to re-execute test cases and raising defects, to a team responsible for closing issues and delivering working functionality, then you have a successful team.

At Francioni we believe testing is a vital function of the delivery process and our team is committed to product quality and time to market.

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